This Tacoma started from the ground up. The customer came to us with a list of some pretty cool additions that he wanted to add to his rig. After some talking with different ideas, we settled on starting with:

  • Addictive Deserts Honey Badger Front Bumper

  • ToyTec Aluma Boss 2.0 Front Coilovers, with 2.5 Shocks in the Rear

  • CaliRaised Trail Edition Rock Sliders

  • TacomaBeast Honeycomb Grille Insert

  • Body Mount Chop


The Tacoma is getting ready to be put on the lift!





Riley pulling off the wheel and prepping to take the stock suspension out



Toytec Coil’s installed with the SPC Upper Control Arms



Grill uninstalled – and replaced with the TacomaBeast HoneyComb Insert. Looks Killer!


Installed the CaliRaised Trail Edition Rock Sliders for the added protection underneath.


Prepping to take off the stock bumper...



Getting ready for the test fit of the Addictive Desert HoneyBadger Bumper


All test fitted up. Looks great, now it’s time to button it all back up and put on those finishing touches.


Last item is a body mount chop, which is almost always required when increasing the tire size on newer Toyota’s.





We are so stoked out how this one turned out!! Can't wait tot keep modifying these Toyota's to the owner's needs. Hit us up if you have any questions about the build.